2018 Tickets

Please note, we are changing ticket provider for 2018, in order to have a much more efficient box office and to get you cheaper booking fees.

  • Discount Early Bird Tickets for 2018 are only available on Adult weekend tickets and are currently on sale at £70 – which is £40 cheaper than the final £110 gate price. This will increase incrementally by £10:

    Early Bird = £70 – available from 28th August, 2017 to 2nd February, 2018

    Tier 1 = £80 – available from 3rd Feb to 7th April 2018

    Tier 2 = £90 – available from 8th April to 23rd June

    Tier 3 = £100 – available from 24th June to 12th July

    GATE = £110 available on 13th July (at the gate only)

    This is purely to encourage you to book in advance so we know how many of you are coming earlier in the year.

  • Parking tickets must be purchased separately.
  • You may not camp on a day ticket without purchasing a one-night camping pass per person staying overnight.
  • People with disabilities may bring a carer free of charge, simply buy one ticket as normal and bring an extra person along, we won’t grill you too much at box office,promise!
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions.