Terms & Conditions

Doune the Rabbit Hole CIC Terms & Conditions

Doune the Rabbit Hole CIC is hereafter known as “Doune” or “Doune the Rabbit Hole” in this document and all terms and conditions apply to ticket purchasers for any event Doune manages and/or promotes.

Doune’s terms and conditions include but are not limited to:

  1. Doune the Rabbit Hole is a music and arts festival; even though there is lots of great music it is less than ⅓ of what we put on. To avoid increasing ticket prices to pay unreasonable PRS fees all tickets (except music only tickets) are 2 separate tickets in a single convenient purchase.  Each purchase is buying one ticket for the music elements of the festival plus another ticket for the non-music elements of the festival. To be clear, by making this single purchase you are buying 2 separate tickets which give you complete access to all elements of the festival. You are paying £25 for the music elements of the event which require a PRS licence and the balance of your payment is for the non-music elements of festival.
  2. Tickets are not refundable unless the event / service is cancelled. Tickets bought through Eventbrite may be re-sold, please register the new owner’s details using the EventBrite website. Tickets purchased through any other re-sellers are not allowed to be re-sold.
  3. Fires are not allowed anywhere on site except the official campfire points which may only be started / tended by Doune crew.
  4. Private generators and sound systems are not allowed anywhere on site and will be confiscated.
  5. Cars and non-live-in vehicles must park in the parking field.
  6. No vehicles are allowed into the camping fields.
  7. The car parks and live-in vehicle fields close at dusk (10pm), vehicles arriving after dusk will not be allowed onto site. The box office shuts at 10pm.
  8. To have a Live-In Vehicle or Caravan in the camper van field you must buy an adequate number of Plot Tickets and agree to the Doune Live-In Vehicle and Caravan rules as displayed here.
  9. Live-In Vehicles and Caravans that do not have adequate plot space must pay the appropriate fee to park in the parking field and may NOT be lived and/or slept in. ** PLEASE BUY YOUR PLOT TICKET NOW **
  10. No glass bottles are allowed on site.
  11. Alcohol not purchased at Doune may only be drunk in the campsite.
  12. Please respect the family camping areas by being quiet after 8pm and behaving in a child friendly manner.
  13. All 16+ ticket holders must pay £5 Environmental Deposit at box office when collecting wristbands.
  14. To reclaim your Environmental Deposit please take a sack of rubbish or a small bag of cigarette butts to the box office between 5pm and 9pm on Sunday or 9am and 2pm on Monday. A member of clear up crew will take the rubbish, check you have packed away your tent or Live-In Vehicle and cut off your wristband. If your wristband is removed then your ED is forfeit. At 2pm on Monday any unclaimed Environmental Deposits are withheld as payment for afternoon use of the campsite.
  15. The car park and campsite are open from 12 noon on Friday if you have purchased a Full Weekend Ticket and 10am on the day of day tickets. The campsite closes at 2pm on Monday.
  16. If you are over 18 but look like you might be under 25 you must bring photo ID to get an adult wristband and be allowed to buy / consume alcohol on-site.
  17. All attendees (including guardians on behalf of their children) agree to be photographed and filmed and for the resultant images and footage to be used by Doune the Rabbit Hole.
  18. Drugs are illegal and dangerous and will not be tolerated at Doune. Please do not bring and/or take drugs.  Searches will be carried out by security and, if you are found to have any drugs, they will be confiscated and you will be ejected from site or arrested.
  19. All attendees agree to have their person, tent, vehicle and any other property searched by members of the security and / or Doune management team.
  20. Doune will not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained before, during or after the event unless caused by the negligence of Doune.
  21. Doune is held on a country estate, consequently there is a wide variety of walking surfaces. Take particular care when away from tarmac surfaces and ensure you return to lit areas before dusk. As you would expect accidents are possible so please dress appropriately and take care.
  22. No access to the river is permitted except in the designated swimming area during the following times: Saturday and Sunday 9am-12 noon and 3-6pm.  Doune cannot be held responsible for any harm or damage occurring in or near the water out with these times.
  23. Each ticket is an easily printable document that will be emailed to you.  The name on the ticket is not checked against ID unless there is a problem scanning the ticket. If someone has a copy of your ticket they can claim your wristband(s). We cannot be held responsible for the security of your ticket any more than we would be responsible for you losing a traditional physical ticket. Please be careful.
  24. If your wristband is damaged or broken go straight to box office to request a replacement. The wristbands are designed to be worn for a week so should last one weekend easily. If you lose your wristband then we will not be able to replace it even if you can prove that you purchased a ticket. If you come to us with a damaged wristband that is still attached to your wrist then we will replace it with a new one. If you come to us with a wristband that has been torn off completely then you must prove that you bought a ticket before we will be able to replace it.
  25. Doune the Rabbit Hole reserves the right to amend these T&Cs without notice at any time.