Atari Teenage Riot

ATR represent the most radical and dark side of digital culture. One foot in the international hacker scene, the other in music.

When ATR’s leader Alec Empire created the group’s ‘Digital Hard-core’ sound in 1992 in the Berlin techno underground, he combined the most powerful elements of techno, punk, and hip hop and, subsequently, disrupted the music scenes on all continents for years to come.

ATR’s strength has always been their huge live show. The band creates a tremendous energy on stage, with an Atari 1040ST computer, digitizing the spirit of punk.

Atari Teenage Riot are the glitch in the system. They speak out against conformity, fascist tendencies when they arise in modern society, and they address often uncomfortable truths in their lyrics.

ATR’s 6th studio album is expected to be out this summer.

Day: Sunday, 20:20 – 21:20
Stage: Baino





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