Harry And The Hendersons

Yielding the proponents of a deeply unique sound that takes no niches or prevailing trends into consideration and is all the more effective for doing so, Harry And The Hendersons’ music is something to get gleefully immersed in.

Hailing from Glasgow, the band have recently unleashed their debut album Method of the Matchstick Men. Calling on a litany of techniques and tropes that would be regarded as off the beaten track amid a sea of sound-a-likes, it casts a more menacing silhouette than much of their previous material but is still driven by their insatiable knack for harmony and bittersweet melodies.

Combining the ambitiousness of 60’s rock stalwarts such as Canned Heat and The Band with the immediacy of modern indie-folk, the Hendersons’ have proven they are willing to tread new ground and expand their repertoire into new unforeseen territories.

Day: Sunday, 15:15 – 16:00
Stage: Whistleblower




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