The Orb

Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann, AKA veritable pioneers of electronic music, The Orb hit Doune the Rabbit Hole with a brand new album, Moonbuilding 2703 AD – a major piece of psychedelic synth bliss, obscure loops and deep ambient textures, driven by swinging breakbeats and powerful basslines.

It’s been 18 years since the Orb sent us the catchily titled ‘A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of The Ultraworld’. Out of the Acid House ether it came stroking our fuzzy little heads with its spaced-out sequences and ethereal atmospherics. 2018 finds the legendary duo at the peak of their creativity, ringing in another essential phase in a ground-breaking career.

We are delighted to welcome The Orb’s aural labyrinth to Doune the Rabbit Hole, where nothing is what it seems and the unexpected waits just around the corner.

Day: Saturday, 23:00 – 00:30
Stage: Baino




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