Banana Oil

Firesome new trio from Glasgow with Laurie Pitt (Golden Teacher, Modern Institute, Thoth) on drums, Niall Morris (Sham Gate, Lylo, Martha Ffion) on bass guitar and Joe Howe (Joe Howe, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Gay Against You) on tenor saxophone.

Exotic, brain-frying rhythms and bass elasticity scorched by a sax tone that walks the line between smooth as made-up vegetable oil and coarse free jazz skronk. With frenetic, complex parts executed at high speed, the group aims to bring a healthy sense of humour to what can often be a sterile exercise in noodling. Influenced equally by post punk, jazz skronk, rigorous funk & vivid prog, the group aims ‘to sound like the Mothers Of Invention without all the toxic masculinity.’

For fans of The Magic Band, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, James Chance, Ethiopiques records and the dude that plays echoe-y country and western guitar outside Marks & Spencers on Argyle Street.

Day: Friday, 23:00 – 23:45
Stage: Baino



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