Dizraeli is a rapper, multi-instrumentalist and sometime singer, taking hiphop to new terrains.

After six years pushing boundaries with his band Dizraeli & The Small Gods, winning the

Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition, receiving regular radio play and spellbinding crowds at festivals across Europe, Dizraeli left the band last year to explore new possibilities. The exploration took him to unexpected places: first, he composed the soundtrack for a new parallel-worlds comedy on E4 (Tripped); next he toured France with producer and turntablist DJ DownLow; then he spent a week in the refugee camp at Calais, giving workshops and listening to the migrants there. At the start of 2016, he travelled to Senegal to study West African music with an albino master, and in a remote fishing village covered in dust and music, he finished six new songs.

Carrying these pieces home to London in his head, he decided to record them in a completely new way. Instead of shutting himself in a vibeless, carpeted studio where the impulse of the songs would be lost, he would invite an audience of close friends to the basement of a cafe, play live for those friends and record what he played – no editing; no studio tricks.

The result is the Eat My Camera EP, six songs about migration, injustice, the ghosts on Walthamstow Marshes, the brutal nonsense of consumer London, lost and found love, Palestine and the singer’s Dad…It’s head nod-heavy, beautiful, unsugared songwriting unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Day: Sunday, 17:00 – 17:45
Stage: Whistleblower






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