Kathryn Joseph

When Kathryn Joseph says that ” listening to certain pieces of music can make you know the truth of everything”, she’s remembering one personal epiphany at a gig in 2016 that helped point her to the contented life she now lives, but the same can easily be said of her own music.

Joseph’s “weird” truth telling involves the primal love and desire that speak to our survival in the world, rather than the romantic, sexualised notion of love that dominates mainstream pop. Her lyrics are rich with natural imagery and allusion – blood and bone, mouths covering mouths, snow on the mountain and witches burning in the woods. “I felt like I wasn’t really a human until I was 14 years old,” she jokes. “I was very obsessed with animals and being outside and was much happier on my own. But I’m so not like that now. I blame Anne of Green Gables, because I watched that when I was 14 and suddenly I was obsessed with humans and being in love.”

Joseph can’t explain her need for absolute lyrical honesty, but admits to being “obsessed with truth in real life and in my music life.

Playing: Sunday 21st July

Web: www.kathrynjospeh.co.uk
Instagram: @kathrynjoseph_
Facebook: @kathrynjosephmusic
Twitter: @kathrynjosseph_



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