Band of Gold

Band of Gold are Scotland’s best* 80’s themed wedding band. Formed in 2010 after Evan offered to play at a friend’s wedding, the 5 friends got together and decided to play the only music guaranteed to get everyone dancing; 80’s pop.

Incorporating a couple of oldies for the Oldies, and a couple of new ones for the Youngsters, our set list has been refined over the last few years to try to make sure you and your guests have the most fun possible. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, corporate function, or any other event that needs music, Band of Gold make sure you have a great time. Or, have at least one moment of “God, I’ve not heard this in AAAAAGES! I LOVE THIS TUNE!”

Playing: Friday 19th July

Instagram: @bandofgolduk
Facebook: @bandofgoldĀ 



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