The Girobabies

The Girobabies create baffling funk-soul grunge music with a dollop of psychedelic dystopia and a pinch of gutter-rock utopian stardust.

The Glasgow based band released their debut album on vinyl ‘Who Took Utopia?’ to critical acclaim. This was a self-produced and self-released follow up to previous mini LPs ëBus Stop Apocalypseí & ëSocial Not Workingí where the Girobabies used an indie/grunge, almost punk, backbeat to deliver pertinent political/social observations akin to the likes of the Sleaford Mods, The Streets & The Fall.

Since the release of the latest album they have played a sold out Glasgow Barrowlands , played on live television and were personally asked to support one of their all time heroes and influences Steve Mason (The Beta Band)

They have also gained celebrity fans in the unlikely form of Paolo Nutini, Paul Heaton and Alabama 3 who recently called them ‘The Best Rock n Roll band in Scotland ‘

The Girobabies mix a varied range of influences from each band member to create a sonic assault of the senses that weave between an insane party and an intense comedown with storytelling, humour and anguish all heavy in the mix.

Playing: Saturday 20th July

Facebook: @Girobabies
Twitter: @Girobabies



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