Current Affairs

“Glasgow’s Current Affairs have been brewing in the undergrowth for a while, growing snugly into one of the city’s most forceful, eldritch pop groups. Comprising Joan (ex-The Royal We/Seconds/Rose McDowall’s band), Seb (ex-Anxiety), Josh (The Downs/Kaspar Hauser/ex-Rose McDowall’s band) and Andrew (Shopping/Milk Records), collectively they present a muscular unity, with a pounding post-punk rhythm section augmented by wild, effected guitar and the impressive, soulful-but-gothic vocal.
Current Affairs played their first show at Glasgow’s Poetry Club in summer 2016 and since then have developed into one of the most powerful live groups around.” – Monorail
“CURRENT AFFAIRS are pure new wave excitement from Glasgow. Joan, Josh, Andrew & Seb are a sassy, thumping, ’tune after tune’ post-punk party hit-machine. Their queer, goth punk is laden with addictive bass hooks, frantic guitar screeches, bullet punch drum hits, whirring keyboards and commanding calls. Sharing members with Anxiety, Rose McDowall and Shopping.” – Upset the Rhythm
Playing: Sunday 21st July



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