Bell Lungs

A compelling live performer, the music of multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer Bell Lungs encompasses influences from psychedelia, jazz, noise and folk to create a nuanced sound world that draws on natural cycles, environmental disaster and the microcosmic aspects of relationships. Using instruments such as electric violin, omnichord, harmonium, field recordings, electronics and guitar, her kaleidoscopic vocals were deemed “elemental” by cult arts critic David Keenan of The Wire, and her music “genius…or as pretty damned close to that elusive quality that you can get without having yet passed the test of time…” by Terrascope.

Bell Lungs is known for her experimental yet melodic approach, and frequent collaborates with poets, scientists, kinetic sculptures, artists, dancers, film and theatre-makers. She has toured widely across the UK, USA and Europe, favouring venues common and uncommon, including a Napoloeonic fort, a disused grain silo and a hydroelectric power station buried deep inside a granite mountain.



She has appeared on BBC Radio 6 (Stuart Maconie’s Freakzone, 2018), BBC Radio 3 (Late Junction, 2017) and BBC Radio 4 (“Master Rock”, 2015), and performed at Edinburgh International Science Festival 2019, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (2018), Fort Process (2018), Swansea International Festival (2018) and Edinburgh Art Festival (2017).

Bell Lungs’ last EP “Wolves Behind Us” (8” lathe cut) was released in February 2019, following on from “Phosphodendrophobia” (cassette tape, 2018) and “Mosul Dam” (lathe cut, 2017).

Playing: Saturday 20th July

Instagram: @sonicallydepicting
Facebook: @bell.lungs



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