So what is the family area at Doune the rabbit hole all about? Well firstly it’s a family area and not a kids’ area! There is nothing worse than standing around waiting while your kids play so we encourage families to get involved. All of our workshops are open to the whole family – from puppy handling to extreme origami there is a world of new experiences awaiting you to share together.

The kids tent runs to a ‘free-play’ ethos which means the play should be freely choosen and directed by the child. This means they are free to use the materials and equipment however they choose. There will be a free craft table where they can make to their wee hearts contentment, sensory trays to help relax and focus their expanding minds, and a rolling programme of dance and craft pop-ups to help inspire them to try all that’s on offer.

The imaginary zone whisks you off to the land of make believe. Will you visit the vet? Fly away on our plane? Or get all dolled up in our beauty parlour? The choice is yours and its for all ages!

Over the weekend we will have¬† Spinning Jenny and her crew back again with their circus skills, a water fight (unless it’s too much of a Scottish summer – goosebumps are not a good look) and a ‘sweet ‘aerobics to get us party-ready, as well as onsite face painting, zorb football and a few secret surprises.

After all that you might just be a wee bit tired so we will have a cosy library (with real life librarian and story teller)  where you can check out books to take back to your tent or a quiet tree for a story.

We believe that festivals are best when the kids are happy so please do feel free to grab a member of our kids field crew if you need anything and we will try to sort you out. We will have kids-only toilets, plenty of seats to rest your weary bones and a passion to make this the weekend your kids talk about forever!