All glamping package orders with Cloudhouses must be made before 5pm on Tuesday 14th July. Any order requests made after this time will not be fulfilled. 

A variety of options are available from Cloudhouses home of Yurts and Squirts depending how lavish you’d like to go. They have yurts, squrts and even bell tents available for you to choose from at very reasonable prices! See more below and on their website, here: Cloudhouses home of Yurts and Squirts!

There is also an incredible Shepherds Hut with Hot Tub available for rent on site too! Click here to find out more!

Exclusive Quiet Camping

Exclusive Quiet camping is located at the Glamping area, directly behind Cardross House where we used to hold the festival, in fact! In a beautifully flat field, not too far away from the madding crowds of the festival arena, but far enough to catch a glimpse of sleep at any time of day or night, a wee oasis of calm awaits you!

We’ve separated out a bunch of space for folks who like their campsites a bit more quiet and private. Here, you’ll have a dedicated pitch of 8 x 6m to put your own tents up in for a maximum of 8 persons to stay per pitch, there will be dedicated campsite security, a camping reception, lovely loos and showers nearby, hair dyers, straighteners, mirrors, valuables lockers, usb charging facilities. And that’s not the best bit – you get to take in one 3.5 tonne (or lighter) vehicle per pitch space – just make sure it’s not too big to fit into 8m x 6m plus your tents and whatever you need to be comfy or you may have to buy a weekend parking pass for your vehicle to go to the car park for the weekend!

A pitch in this campsite for a maximum of 8 people costs £65 for the weekend, and this can be purchased on the tickets page of this website.

Glamping with Yurts and Squrts

Alongside the super-lavish accommodation, The Glamping Campsite Includes:

  • Free Lovely Loos and Showers
  • Mirrors, Hair Driers & Straightners
  • USB Charging Points

Please contact the team at Cloudhouses directly to find out more and to book your home for the weekend and see the pics below.

Price guide available here: Doune-the-Rabbit-Hole-2019

Please contact the team at Cloudhouses directly to find out more and to book your plush residence for the weekend.

Price guide available here: Doune-the-Rabbit-Hole-2019