Hop on your bike with our Doune Cycling Initiative!


Our 10 year anniversary this year sees us launching our cycling initiative ‘Hop on your bike’ to encourage more people to cycle to the festival.

We will be giving considerably discounted tickets to some people who cycle from Stirling or Glasgow.

  • Stirling to Cardross Estate – 30% off your full weekend ticket

  • Glasgow to Cardross Estate – 50% off your full weekend ticket

If you are based elsewhere in Scotland, we would suggest to get a train to Stirling and cycle from there!

How does it work?

You will get stickers for your bike and helmet sent to you before the festival and a ‘Hop on your bike’ pack when you arrive at the festival!

We will be posting about this using the hashtag #hoponyourbike and ask that every person who is part of the initiative posts along their way – a photo before starting, with your bike, photos from your breaks on the way and a photo when you arrive at the festival!

This initiative is now closed for 2019 applications.


Cycle safety

Please stay safe while cycling on the roads.

  • Wear a helmet

  • Check your bike is roadworthy before cycling

  • Follow the highway code

  • Watch your speed in wet weather – it may be slippery!

  • Make sure motorists can see you – use lights and consider wearing bright/ reflective clothing

  • Be aware of other road users