Doune is going into it’s 11th year in 2020 and we are super excited to celebrate in style! We are feeling older and wiser and ready for more. What have we learnt along the way!

Our kids area has been getting bigger and better every year, and it’s just as well! Last year there were more than 1000 under 12s who passed through the gates of Doune the Rabbit Hole across the weekend to find wonder and delight awaiting them! Don’t miss out on the fun this year!

Voted ‘Top Five Best Family-Friendly UK Festivals’ – The Guardian

  • Kids hate being told what to do! The children’s tent runs to a ‘free-play’ ethos which means the play should be freely chosen and directed by the child. This means they are free to use the materials and equipment however they choose inside the kids tent.
  • There is nothing worse than standing around waiting while your children play All of our workshops are open to the whole family – from puppy handling to extreme origami there is a world of new experiences awaiting you to share together.|

  • Experience is everything! And we want you to experience it all. If you don’t go home giggling and talking excitedly about trying something new then we will be gobsmacked. From cuddling ferrets and alpacas, sock wrestling, or taking part in a play we will have something new for everyone.
  • Kids love to imagine the world as it could be and not how it is. We invite them to climb aboard our pirate ships or mix up a ‘cake to end all cakes’ it up in our Doune the rabbit hole in house bakery. Which amazing birthday cake will win the prize in the great Doune bake off?


  • We will have children-only toilets, we know how stressful it can be taking your wee bundle of joy to the loo so we have kids toilets that will be used less and cleaned more to allow you peace of mind that the portaloos will be ready for you.
  • Memories are made outside. We will be playing games, running wild and building friendships. There will be lawn games and outdoor toys for all the family to have a ball together. Be sure to take a family selfie, cause you will want to remember the time Dad won the space hopper race.

  • Grown ups are at their best when they can rest their weary bones. We will have plenty of seats in and around the family field so you can soak up the fun from the comfort of an armchair (well a camping chair but it’s much the same).
  • Kids can make some amazing things when provided with unlimited craft materials. We have an ever expanding collection of shiny, inspirational stuff to satisfy even the most demanding crafters. There will be pop up craft workshops and a knitters corner so they can learn new skills as well as build the costume of their dreams!

  • Food is vital and getting kids to eat can be tricky with so much going on. We encourage families to bring their food to the kids tent and sit round the little tables to share a meal. We also have an hour break between the kids activities finishing for the day and the start of the silent disco. This allows time to nip and get your dinner without missing anything and be back to strut your stuff before bed.
  • Rest and quiet are as important as having mega fun or your batteries will run out before the end of the weekend. We have an onsite library to borrow books and snuggle up in our cosy corner so you can find a wee rest spot even in all the madness.

Voted ‘Top 10 Small Family-Friendly Festivals in the UK for 2019’ – The Guardian