Saffy Setohy and Bill Thompson present Light Field, in association with Feral.

Visually and sonically captivating, Light Field is an off-grid, participatory installation made of light, people and the sound of light. A field of glowing beacons and sound-emitting lanterns
await activation.

A multi-part sound-score is gently amplified through kinetically powered lanterns. Light Field invites people to both become part of and alter the ambient installation. Simple choreographic instructions invite possibilities for movement and play.

Light Field’s sound score was created by converting lightwaves found within our natural and built environment – the tonal hums of street lamps and emergency exit signs cut through the pops, crackles and whistles of the Northern Lights. The development of Light Field has been supported by Creative Scotland, Creative Carbon Scotland, CCA with Dance House, UZ Arts and InSitu.