The one and only Pina Polar returns to Doune the Rabbit Hole with her hilarious clowning. Guaranteed fun for all ages. Catch Pina Polar throughout the festival for two magnificent shows!


Pina Polar presents: Into The Wild One Woman Show  
40 minute Show

Slack Rope balancing, hula hoop dancing, terrifying wild animals and a rock ‘n’ roll children’s band all jostle for room in this avalanche of improvisation and clowning. According to The General the impossible is always possible, so in the finale she will attempt to fly



Pina, la Capitana
40 minute Walkabouts

She wants to be seen at all times. Craving attention, she stops when she sees the audience and presents herself by showing off her weirdo pets, puppets like creatures. If Pina la Capitana is serious, she is a ridiculous one. Her attempts to rule the audience turn her even more ridiculous. It is a fun based walkabout revolving around a person who is in power but not in the right time nor place at the same.