SK Shlomo – Surrender

After collaborating with ​Ed​ ​Sheeran​, ​Bjork​ and ​Damon​ ​Albarn​, the record-breaking beatboxer and Fringe favourite ​SK Shlomo​ returns with Surrender – a powerful and uplifting new one-man show charting his life-affirming journey overcoming grief, addiction and suicidal depression, blending storytelling with his innovative live-looping and breath-taking beatboxing, alongside epic synths, crushingly honest lyrics and lush electronic layers.

Simon Shlomo Kahn knows how it feels to be on top of the world. For over a decade, the genre-defying, award-winning, recording-breaking beatboxer, producer and live-looper has set new standards for his craft. As Shlomo, he burst into the mainstream collaborating with Björk and performed with famous fans from Damon Albarn, to Rudimental. As the first-ever World Looping Champion, he taught his friend Ed Sheeran some tricks. He was Artist in Residence at London’s Southbank Centre for years, played the main stages at Glastonbury more times than he remembers, won rave reviews for his autobiographical one-man shows and even had a feature film made about him.

But staying on top becomes increasingly tricky to maintain. Despite the standing ovations and the accolades, Simon would feel oddly empty inside. Two years ago, he took a step back to work out what he wanted and his world seemed to crumble under his feet. “I’d always been incredibly driven,” says the London-born musician, now back as solo artist SK Shlomo, “but ultimately that was at the expense of my mental health.” Behind his reinvention lies a realisation – that throughout his 20s, despite composing and producing for other artists, he had resisted becoming the solo recording artist he desperately wanted to be for fear of failure. Last summer, determined to change, he set himself a challenge – to write a song every day for a month. For the first five days, he delivered. Then things ground to a painful halt, triggering a mental breakdown which led to six months in therapy. Diagnosed with PTSD, he was forced to confront his past. “Talking about a major trauma from my childhood was a huge turning point,” he says.

“Fascinating.. dangerously energised performing” Telegraph.

“So haunting… it’s beautiful” Gaby Roslin, BBC London.

“So haunting… it’s beautiful” Gaby Roslin, BBC London.

“Extraordinary… It’s a revelation” Bill Bailey, Shortlist.

“Slick theatrics and soulful vocal gymnastics” Evening Standard.

“The Prince of Fringe Beatboxers” EdFest Magazine