The Handimen bring their award-winning clowning to Doune the Rabbit Hole this year!

The Handymen are in the neighbourhood. They are equipped with everything necessary to fix anything. A whole life
dedicated to maintenance services has turned them into true professional handymen, an infallible pair forged over the
years through their job which they exhibit very proudly. In comparison, MacGyver is quite the amateur.

Don’t be carried along by the first impression though. Their art might not just reside in fixing things. Many surprises await behind those aprons, those toolboxes, that old radio cassette player, the ladder they carry or their working boots. The Handymen offer an absurd sense of humour full of tumbles, magical moments, funny choreographies and scenes filled with tenderness for the audience’s delight.

Look for them at the festival – you might find them anywhere up to their old tricks!