Lisa Williams has been a yoga teacher since 1996 and teaches classes for both adults and children. She has a B.A. (Hons.) in Social Psychology from the University of Sussex. She trained soon after in Body Massage, Anatomy and Physiology at the Wilbury School of Natural Therapy in Hove, Sussex, and gained an I.T.E.C. qualification. She hold a yoga teachers’ (200 hour) certificate from the Sivananda Ashram in Reith, Austria, and has a Reiki II (Practitioner’s Level) qualification from London.


Sivananda Yoga is a traditional form of Hatha Yoga. Classes will have a gentle, modified series of flowing postures (Sun Salutation) to warm up fully, and then seated, lying and standing postures with mini relaxations in between. You’ll have lots of chance to modify each posture to suit your own body, mood and experience. We finish with a deep, guided relaxation. Suitable for age 13 and up. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Reiki is an energy-balancing healing tradition, developed in Japan. You will be fully clothed, and encouraged to close your eyes and breathe deeply to relax. It’s a gentle hands-on treatment, lightly making contact with the major energy centres on the back and front of the body. Reiki can be useful for deep

relaxation, assist in the body-mind’s natural healing processes, reduce stress and improve overall emotional and physical wellbeing.


The massage is a combination of techniques tailored to meet you. Expect an holistic massage with a base of Swedish and deep-tissue techniques, with some gentle McTimney chiropractic movements and reflexology/acupressure points. Aromatherapy oils are used. Voted ‘best in the world’ by Vogue UK.