Glasgow Piano City

Glasgow Piano City – Embedding Playfulness into Public Space

The last 5 years have proved to be a highly successful first phase in a long term experiment. Embedding a greater spirit of playfulness into the fabric of the city of Glasgow, the aim is to encourage a shift in how public space is animated and perceived. Since starting life to coincide with the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow Piano City has, among other things, redistributed over 120 acoustic piano donations back into the community and maintained around 15/20 ‘Pianos in Public Places’ free for anyone to play all year round.

So far so good.

Tom Binns ( Founder & Project Coordinator ) will describe how ‘playfulness’ is a quality that we can stand a whole lot more of, and how it can be as much an antidote to rigid thinking as it is an affectionate challenge to our perception of the nature of reality.